Monday, August 8, 2011

Gaia Festival

Hey beautiful stars! I have just returned from a 3-day long adventure of music, camping, dancing, laughing, crying, feeling and beautifying my soul!

Thank you Gaia Fest

 Woody jammin' with a new friend. 


Which is stranger? Woody planking on the cornhole board or the rainbow man?

 A festival would just NOT be a festival without some serious silliness going on :-) 

 The rainbow guy with our good friend, Corby <3

 I wish there was some funny caption I could come up with but...I think no words are necessary. 

We brought our excess veggies from the garden to give away at the fest. We were able to get rid of everything except for one last squash. Woody decided to carve it and he put his head lamp in there to illuminate it. :-) The little girl was one of our sweet neighbors. 

So far this summer I have had the pleasure of experiencing Harmony and High Sierra. Now I have also lived the beauty of Gaia Fest! This was the FIRST Gaia Festival, but many other festivals have been held at Black Oak Ranch, such as Earthdance , which I have been going to for years. Gaia festival felt very much like Earthdance with all the same set-ups and stages and lovely amazingness. Earthdance has been relocated to a different venue and will be happening next month. I hope to make it there :-) 

Some of the musical highlights for me at Gaia Fest included MaMuse, India Arie and Idan Raichel, Delhi 2 Dublin, Albino, Galactic, The Wailers and SO much more! Not to mention the beautiful people, sweet vibes, gorgeous trees, epic stars, smiles, laughs, love and unending beauty. 

India Arie never fails to leave my eyes dewy and heart sparkling with messages resonating in my heart, such as LOVE YOURSELF! Tapping into that beauty and inherent perfection within us can set us FREE from the doubts and fears that hold us back from being who we truly are, beautiful, perfect beings capable of anything we can imagine. Live up to that challenge and be who you want to be. Be who you are. You are BEAUTIFUL! <3