Monday, June 13, 2011

Harmony Festival!

Hey my friends! Are your ready to live vicariously though me and imagine that you were at Harmony Festival over the weekend? Or hey, maybe you were at the festival! Whether you were at the festival or not, I hope you had a beautiful weekend. I sure did. Let me give you just a little taste of the experience. Enjoy! :-)

For breakfast on the first day of the festival, my friend Jennae requested that I make carrot cake pancakes. No problem, Nae! 

It was perfect pre-party fuel.

Along with Yerba Mate, of course. 

After eating breakfast, it was time to head out and begin the festivities. 

Enjoying a beer with Woody in the parking lot before heading into the festival grounds.

Once we finally made it into the festival, we started running into friends. 

This sweet lady melted my heart with all the SWEET, amazing things she had to say about my blog. Thanks Melanie! I love you! :-)

A festival wouldn't be complete without food :-)

Woody gettin' down on some "Get Fried Rice"

Having some sweet time with my Snelly (AKA: Lauryn, Sneow, Snelson) during Railroad Earth.

I love her <3

Hehe...look at Woody's hat shadow on my back :-)

I know, I know...there are tons of pics of me and Woody. Are you sick of us yet? ;-)

Friends :-)

Jennae working on her painting. She is amazing. Check out her website and her you tube channel to see some of her art! :-)

Sandy! I love this sweet woman. I see her at EVERY festival I go to! <3
 Us, again ;-)

A little later in the evening, Woody and I made a trip back to the car to grab something of importance ;-)

A little whiskey never hurt nobody ;-)


After that, we ran into some more friends and lots of silliness occurred:-)

End of Day # 1! 

The next day (Saturday), my dear friend Abby arrived at my house to join us in the festivities. It's kind of like our anniversary. Every year for the last three years, Abby, Woody and I have got together before the festival and pre-partied by getting shwilly and taking pics in the parking lot of the festival while chillin' in the back seat of Woody's car. It just happened one year and now we make sure to do it every year! 

Here are a couple pics from two years ago.

Here are last year's photos :-)

And here we are this year! Our 3 year anniversary, hence the three fingers. Representing, yo!

I think this picture (above) is so funny because Woody and Abby are making the SAME face. :-) 

Getting silly.

And sillier ;-)

Once we felt like we took an adequate number of pictures and drank a suitable amount of beer, we made our way into the fest. 

We ran into Snelly right away, so we just HAD to take a few girlie pics :-)

After enjoying some friends and music, eventually we had to make our way back to the car again for some more beers.

Once we were back in the festival, we ran into some more friends. 

My dear Carrie Flowers <3 Such a surprise running into her! I hadn't seen her in far too long. 

Last day of the festival. Enjoying a treat with Abby. Get this: Gluten-Free ice cream sandwich made with coconut bliss! It was too good to be true. Woody and I shared TWO of them in one day. And as you can see, they are HUGE. What a delight!

We ran into our good friend Zach who we hadn't seen in a long time. I love reconnecting with old friends! Festivals are perfect for that. 

Getting super silly and dancing around to Primus. 

I have no idea who that guy in the back is! He just wanted in our pic, I guess. 

Well, that's it, my friends. I love Harmony fest because it's usually the first festival of the summer that I go to, and it gets me all pumped for what's to come! Summer=festival season! I love it. 

Thanks for coming on my photo journey. Next time, I will have some more food stuff/recipes. In the meantime, don't forget to check out Katie's Coconut Butter Cake Balls and my Superfood Coconut Fudge.

Much love beautiful people. <3