Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pregnancy Update Week #38, Blessing Way and Belly Cast!

 Good morning! Sending love and light to everyone reading and wishing you all a gorgeous day <3 I'm sitting here realizing that this will probably be my last update before the baby comes. It's pretty amazing, isn't it?!

How far along? On Thursday I will be 38 weeks!!! 

35 weeks!!!
35 weeks!!!
35 weeks!!!
36 weeks!!!
37 weeks!!! 
37 weeks!!!
37 weeks!!!
Baby's size: The size of a watermelon! (19-22 in, 6.5 lbs)

Total weight gain: The scale says 145 pounds so that would be a total weight gain of 35 pounds.

Stretch marks: Nope. I have been rubbing my body with belly butter so often that I have chased any possible stretch marks away!

Sleep: I am super comfortable in bed, but lately I haven't been falling asleep quite as easily and I have been waking up pretty early. I think I am just so excited! And maybe my body is just getting prepared for the lack of sleep I will be experiencing once the baby comes. But, overall I am still feeling pretty well rested and awesome all around! 

Best moment this week: Oh man, I have just been feeling so excited that I can barely stand it! I am feeling really ready to have this baby. I had my Blessing Way on Saturday which was a beautiful ceremony celebrating my rite of passage into childbirth and motherhood. It was an incredibly beautiful and inspiring day that left me feeling so loved, blessed, supported and strong. I truly feel empowered and more confident in my strength and ability to give birth and be a mother. I really have some amazing sisters in my life! My friend Kate came and picked my up in the morning and took me out to breakfast while some of my other friends came to my house to set up for the Blessing Way. This is what I came home to:

I was so loved up! We went around in a circle and everyone took a turn expressing themselves...sharing  wisdom, experiences, love and blessings with me as I begin my transition into the journey of motherhood. It was SO beautiful!

Then yesterday, a few friends came over to make a cast of my belly!

This was really fun :) I'm pretty sure I have the best friends in the world ;)

Now, back to the update...

Miss anything? No. I think I am just so excited and happy that I can honestly say I do not miss anything. I am just in love with these last few precious moments of pregnancy and can't wait to meet my little one!

Movement: Definitely. Some days the baby moves more than others, but there is definitely plenty of wiggling and bumping around in there. It is so fun to see and feel!

Food cravings: I can't say that I have been having too many cravings lately...but there are definitely a few things that I have been really into! Like, decaf coffee beverages. Especially mochas. And I have been having a bit of a sweet tooth lately too. But, I have been making really awesome nourishing meals lately. And I have really been into smoothies too! Here are some things I've made and eaten recently:

 Eggs and greens, potatoes w/ ketchup and cheesy herb biscuit

 Quesadilla with cheddar goat cheese, basil, strawberries and mixed greens. Topped with mashed avocado.

 Beans and greens w/ roasted asparagus

 Strawberry chocolate chip scones with cream cheese frosting

Eggs with broccoli and greens, pancakes and bacon

 Fresh, yummy, organic cherries from the Farmer's Market

Eggs, chard and toast

I would say I'm doing pretty good! Baby is nourished and thriving! :)

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope! I actually feel SOOO good. I think I'm pretty good at this whole being pregnant thing ;) Somehow, I feel better than ever!

Gender: I have been so back and forth about this. Recently, I stopped having a feeling one way or the other. But, for some reason after my Blessing Way I have been feeling a distinct girl vibe! Almost EVERYONE thinks I'm having a boy though. We'll see! Not too much longer until we find out.

Symptoms: Uncontrollable smiles and waves of bliss ;) Lots of Braxton Hicks, feeling uncomfortable at times, peeing A LOT...the usual, I guess. But, I feel so blessed to have had a pretty amazing pregnancy. No heartburn or hemorrhoids or insomnia or any of the other really unpleasant things some pregnant woman experience.

Happy or moody most of the time: I alternate between happy and crying. But, the tears are usually tears of joy and happiness!

Looking forward to: I think it pretty much goes without saying ;)

Lots of love and blessings to you! Thanks for reading and following along on my journey!