About Me

Hello and welcome! My name is Alaina Rose. I live in northern California with my sweet, amazing fiancé, Woody, our two awesome dogs, Kona and Django, and our beautiful daughter, Ava Lily Rose. I love to cook, bake, dance, play, read, write, do yoga, work out and experience all the beauty and sweetness that life has to offer. I am passionate about health and wellness and strive to lead a joyous, balanced life of purpose and fulfillment. Join me as a I share whatever inspiration moves me to...whether it be recipes, ideas, experiences, adventures...any sort of sweetness that life throws my way. Blessings to you! <3 

When I was trying to come up with a name for this blog, I decided to consult my faery wisdom cards I ended up randomly picking the Chocolate Brownie Faery!!! And it said, "The Chocolate Brownie Faery is all about the SWEETNESS OF LIFE! Allow yourself to fully consume all the sweetness that life has to offer. Live in the moment. See the joy in all things, from the tiniest butterfly to the beauty of the highest peaks. Laugh as much as you possibly can, especially if it is at yourself. If you have the opportunity to go on an adventure, have your bags packed, ready and waiting. Meet new people and do new things. Learn something new each day. Find fun and adventure in the simplest things. Make your life a party. Remember to play, and if you have to work, bring the spirit of play into your workplace. Embrace all of life to the fullest. Rejoice at being on this Earth. Be grateful for the experience. And above all, eat more chocolate!"