Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year! (And Week #19 Pregnancy Update!)

Happy New Year! I wonder what 2013 has in store for me...I mean aside from the birth of my child. I would say that's going to be pretty monumental!

2012 was a quite a year. I had some awesome experiences in Lake Tahoe, Hawaii, and Oregon. I went on some road trips, visited good friends, went to some beautiful weddings, and some super fun festivals. I also went to a yoga retreat, began studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutritioncut my dreadlocks off and GOT PREGNANT! 

Speaking of which, I am 19 weeks along now. I think that calls for a little update ;) 

Here are a few pics from last week.

And here are the pics from this week.

How far along: 19 weeks

Baby's size: Heirloom tomato! (About 6 in and 8.5 oz)

Total weight gain: It fluctuates slightly day by day. But I think around 10-13 pounds.

Stretch marks: No new ones. Just the ones I already had!

Sleep: Pretty good. I still have to get up and pee a few times. And lately I have been having really annoying dreams that leave me feeling frustrated when I wake up. For example, the other night I dreamt I was in a super messy house trying to make pancakes. I couldn't find all the ingredients and was freaking out! It made me toss and turn a little bit. 

Best moment this week: Hmm let's see. Well, we had another midwife appointment yesterday and got to listen to the baby's heartbeat again. That always leaves me feeling really happy and sparkly. And there has been A LOT of good food action going on lately that has been making me really happy too. Oh, and good sex ;) Hehe. I'm just going to be real honest here! 

Miss anything? No, not really. Well, since my body is really starting to change (and grow!) now I guess I've realized I do kind of miss fitting into all my clothes. My huge boobs are kind of nuisance sometimes! However, that's NOT what Woody would tell you ;) 

Movement: This is tricky because I have felt little fluttering that could *maybe* be the baby, but it also could be gas. I haven't felt anything yet that made me absolutely sure. My midwife told me when I felt the baby, I would just know. 

Food cravings: I feel like it's something new everyday! I love love love food, let me tell you. Whenever I do have a craving, I usually fulfill it. I'm not afraid. Although, this particular craving did scare me a little bit. 

In-N-Out....Really??? Wtf? I don't know what was going on there. But I NEEDED it. For the record, I ordered a grilled cheese, french fries and a neapolitan milkshake. 

Let's see...what else had there been? 

Blueberry chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast the other morning. These were accompanied by some scrambled eggs. (I gotta have my protein too!) 

Then there was this for dinner one night.

Barbecue turkey meatballs, creamy cheesy mashed potatoes with peas AND a green bean, broccoli casserole with smoked goat cheddar and bacon. Can I get a hell yeah?! 

These recipes were based off of The Pioneer Woman.

The meatballs I made were her BBQ Comfort Meatballs. I followed her recipe pretty closely for the most part, except I used ground turkey instead of beef.

The mashed potatoes I made were based off of her Delicious, Creamy Mashed Potatoes. But, I made a much smaller batch so I just kind of eye balled all the ingredients. And I added peas :)

The casserole I made was based off of her Green Bean Casserole. I added broccoli, used a little more bacon than her and used smoked goat cheddar instead of regular cheddar cheese. Such an awesome combo of flavors! 

Rich, comfort food seems to be the theme in my life lately! 

Check this out...

Fried egg sandwich on an english muffin with wild berry jelly, spicy mustard, cheddar goat cheese, sauerkraut and greens. SO so bomb!

And here's my sweet, sexy man making me another super rich, comforting meal.

Biscuits and buffalo gravy, scrambled eggs, just a splash of spinach and a few drops of hot sauce. 

So, there you have it. As you can see, most of my cravings have been for really warming, comfort foods. I still need plenty of sweet things too though ;)

Ok, back to the survey now! I got a little side tracked with all the food/cravings talk :)

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope! I just have to make sure I eat frequently. The other day Woody and I were at Whole Foods doing a little shopping before lunch. We ran into a good friend and ended up standing there talking for quite a while. Well, I started feeling REALLY hungry and got a little dizzy and nauseous and felt like I might pass out. Luckily I had some snacks in the car. 

Gender: No idea! We will be surprised at the birth. I have been going back and forth between girl and boy. Right now, I'm feeling more like it's a boy. Woody has been getting a strong boy vibe the whole time. We shall see! 

Symptoms: Growing belly, food cravings, peeing a lot, uncomfortable gas sometimes (bummer) and occasional back and hip pain. Feeling really good for the most part, though! 

Happy or moody most of the time: Both. I would be lying if I said I wasn't moody. Luckily, most of the time I'm in a happy mood. But, I'm so hormonal that it's really easy to get emotional over something at the drop of a hat. It's all really healthy and beautiful though and all part of the process. I appreciate and accept every symptom and every emotion I experience. 

Looking forward to: Hawaii!!! Woody and I are going on our annual trip in just a couple weeks. We'll be going to Oahu, Maui and the big Island :) 

I hope you all are having a beautiful day and are feeling inspired and joyful in this new year! :) 

~Love and blessings~