Sunday, June 12, 2011

*Guest Post* What Katie's Baking!

Hey guys! Surprise! My dear friend, Katie, came through on a guest post for me! I am about to head out for day #3 of Harmony Festival, but I wanted to make sure to get this post out first. Enjoy! Thanks Katie! <3

Hey Guys!! I’m Katie from What Katie's Baking.

 Okay, so I pretty much love Alaina! J
If you’re here reading this, you’re obviously cool!  I jumped at the opportunity to do a guest post for Alaina while she’s at Harmony Festival (jealous!!).  She’s a wonderful blogger and her content and recipes are amazing!!  Such an inspirational person!

I created this recipe one day while I was experimenting with coconut butter.  I think I have an unhealthy obsession with coconut butter… kind of ironic.  Haha. 
Anyway, while I was trying to make coconutty creations, I made these!  After that, I was finished because nothing could beat these!!

Coconut Butter Cake Balls
What Katie's Baking
¼ cup cake mix
1/8 cup coconut butter
¼ cup white or milk chocolate
1 dash of oil

1.  Melt coconut butter.
2.  Mix cake mix and melted coconut butter.
3.  Form into balls. 
4.  Freeze for about 5-10 minutes.
5.  Melt chocolate.
6.  Dip balls in chocolate and chill until the chocolate has hardened.
Simple and delicious!!

Yay! These look so amazing and I'm so excited to make them. Thank you so much Katie! I hope you all enjoyed this post. Be sure to head on over to What Katie's Baking to check out more of Katie's amazing and delicious recipes. 

Have a beautiful day my friends! I'm looking forward to sharing my pictures from the weekend with you. See you tomorrow! :-)

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