Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pregnancy #2 Week 25 :)

Hello! Here I am at 25 weeks pregnant...feeling super GOOD! Ready for another pregnancy update? :)

What Fruit are you? Papaya ;) 1.4-2 lbs 13-15 in 

Due date: October 21st

How far along: 25 weeks! 

Next appointment: Our next appointment with our midwife is July 29th. After that I will be in the 3rd trimester and we will begin having appointments every 2 weeks instead of every month. Crazy how fast time is going! 
Gender: BOY :) 

Total weight gain/loss: I think around 20 lbs. It's so interesting because I put on weight so quickly in the beginning and now it has seemed to level out. I don't think I've gained a single pound in 3-4 weeks. And it's funny because Woody and I spent 2 weeks in the midwest visiting family, pretty much doing nothing but eating junky food and not exercising! I came home thinking I MUST have gained 5-10 lbs...and I weighed exactly the same! I'm definitely getting bigger though! 

Exercise: Yesterday was my first day back in the gym after 3 weeks of not exercising!! I think it's ok to take breaks sometimes and it felt amazing getting back into it. I will continue hitting up the gym 2-3 times a week...and today I have a private prenatal yoga session which I'm really looking forward to! 

Stretch marks: No new ones that I've noticed. 

Swelling: I know in my last update I mentioned that I thought I was noticing a little swelling but, I haven't really noticed any since then. 

Maternity clothes: I have a good amount of maternity clothes I've been rocking, and I've also just been wearing my regular clothes that still fit. Lots of maxi dresses and and stretchy tops, leggings, etc... My all-time favorite things to wear right now are flowy dresses ;) They just feel so amazing! 

Belly button: My poor alien belly button :/ It looks SO freaky to me. It did NOT pop out this much when I was pregnant with Ava. It looks like some weird little elf nose or something. You can see it popping out through all my clothes! I'm trying to love it. 

Sleep: Sleep has been SO great lately. Ava has been going to bed a little later and sleeping in a little bit (until like 7...sometimes 8) so, it has felt so nice to get a little bit more sleep in the mornings. I am feeling so rested and energized! 

Food cravings: Well, after eating so much fried food and cheese in the midwest, all I have been craving is salads and smoothies and fresh, healthy, nourishing foods! 

Here are a few amazing meals I've had recently:

Salad, steamed asparagus, and gluten-free noodles with pasta sauce and ground buffalo.

Amazing lunch from Peter Lowell's! Rockfish with corn cakes and broccolini.

Scrambled eggs, beans, greens and tomatoes.

Lovely, amazing pasta dinner and salad made by my dear friend, Yasmin :) 

Gluten-free waffle topped with almond butter, goat yogurt, dash of maple syrup, fruit salad and raw superfood granola! 

Symptoms: Honestly, I've been feeling so good right now that it's hard to take note of any symptoms! I also feel like I've been so busy living life and taking care of a toddler, that I don't always stop to notice being pregnant. When I was pregnant with Ava, I had all the time in the world to just simply BE pregnant and really feel it. This time, I feel like I don't take the time to really connect with the baby as much and notice what I'm feeling. But, Ava just had her first day of daycare yesterday (and it went amazingly well, which I'm SO happy about!) She'll be going twice a week from 9-5, so that will definitely open up some time for me to drop in with baby boy and connect more with being pregnant :) Regular yoga sessions are also going to help me get more grounded and connected with what's happening in my body and spirit :) As of right now, the only major, noticeable symptom is my growing belly! 

Movement: Yes :) Although, like I mentioned last time, it is pretty mellow. I don't seem to have a crazy kicker/rager in there! Which is nice, but sometimes I want to feel those big kicks and bumps! Sometimes he's more active than others, but like Ava, he seems to just be pretty content and cozy in there and doesn't move around a whole lot. 

Labor signs: Nope. Although, I keep having dreams that I'm going into labor early. Hold on, baby! Not yet! 

What I miss: Nothing really. Except for maybe being able to fit into all my cute clothes ;) And maybe being able to work my abs and do harder, more strenuous workouts. And being able to drink as much as I want ;) Not that I am much of a big drinker! It's just nice to be able to chill back and drink a couple beers or a few glasses of wine. I've definitely been allowing myself a glass of wine or a beer here and there, because I am a strong believer that moderate drinking while pregnant is ok, as long as you are smart and mindful about it! 

What I'm loving: The second trimester! It's so wonderful to be feeling so good after such a rocky first trimester. I'm loving the belly and the feeling of the baby moving around in there. And I LOVE that I am relaxing in bed right now while Woody drops Ava off at daycare and then goes for a surf! This is so luxurious! Time to myself...I could get used to this ;) I'm going to enjoy it as much as possible right now, because it's not going to last! 

What I'm looking forward to: Meeting my baby boy, of course. And unrelated to baby, there are some fun things coming up for us over the next few months! We're taking Ava to see Phish at the end of the month, then I'm going to be in one of my oldest friend's wedding at the beginning of August, then we're going down to Orange County for another friend's wedding, and we're actually going to have a nice little family vacation in Laguna Beach. While we're down there, we might even take Ava to Disneyland ;) Then in September, we'll probably have our baby shower and I'll have my blessingway...and then it will just be one more month until baby arrives. Woah...crazy! 

Best moment this week: I don't know if I can say that there has been a BEST moment! Overall, things have just been really good! But, you know what...THIS moment right here, right now is feeling like it could maybe be the BEST moment ;) 

Here are my recent belly shots :) 

 22 weeks in Wisconsin

 23 weeks in Michigan

 Feeling spicy in red! 23 weeks ;)

 24 weeks :) 

24 weeks :)

Well, I am going to continue enjoying this luxurious, peaceful moment in bed with my tea :) MAYBE I'll get up eventually and actually do something productive today ;) But, right now, I'm in heaven!