Thursday, September 3, 2015

Pregnancy #2 Week 33

 Wow, I am way overdue for a pregnancy update! It's been two months since my last one. Here we go! 

What Fruit are you? Honeydew! 4.2-5.8 lbs 17-18 in

Due date: October 21st. But, I feel like the baby is going to come sooner than that. I always dream about him coming early...just hopefully not TOO early! 

How far along: 33 weeks :) 

Next appointment: Monday, September 7th. Now that we are in the 3rd trimester, we meet with our midwife every two weeks. We're getting close! 

Gender: Still a boy ;)

Total weight gain/loss: Last time I checked, I was up 30 lbs. I gained around 35 lbs with Ava, so it looks like I'll be right around there this time too. 

Exercise: Has been inconsistent :/ At the beginning of August I decided to take a hiatus from the gym. It just wasn't feeling as good to me and I was getting a lot of pelvic and sacrum pain. So, I started doing more yoga and prenatal workout DVD's at home, which has been feeling so wonderful for my body. I just haven't been sticking to a schedule. Some weeks I'll work out 3-4 times, and other weeks I'll only work out once or not at all :( I wish I was going on more walks, but walking hasn't been feeling very good to me. I end up getting tons of Braxton Hicks contractions and pelvic pain. Man, I feel like I was so much more strong and graceful in my first pregnancy! 

Stretch marks: None that I've noticed.

Swelling: Nope!

Maternity clothes: I LIVE in dresses. I can't even remember what it feels like to wear pants. Well, that's not exactly true. I have a few maternity leggings that I wear for exercise and yoga, but aside from that, it's nothing but dresses and skirts :) 

Belly button: The latest update about my super popped out belly button is that it seems to be a mild umbilical hernia! Which really freaked me out at first, but I had an ultrasound done and it is a very small hernia...nothing to worry about. And it should hopefully just go away on its own. There's nothing much I can do about it at the moment, but just accept it! 

Sleep: I think my body is already preparing itself for all the times I'm going to be waking up in the night to feed a newborn! Because I feel like I wake up constantly throughout the night. For one thing, I have to pee a million times. I'm carrying a lot lower this time and I feel like there is ALWAYS so much damn pressure on my bladder, it kinda feels like I have to pee even when I don't. Then I toss and turn a lot trying to get comfortable. And aside from that, Ava still wakes up in the night sometimes. Or if it's not her, it's the doggies whining to go out! Luckily, Ava has been sleeping in more these days, so by the time we get up in the morning, I feel like I got a decent amount of sleep regardless of all the times I awoke in the night. 

Food cravings: I feel like my cravings have been so mild this whole pregnancy and nothing has hit me super strong. But, just recently I have been hit with some wicked cravings for SWEETS. I want to eat ALL the cakes and cookies and pastries in the world. It's trouble. Aside from that, everything bagels with cream cheese have been especially tasty lately. Fruit, as always. Meat has been pretty strong in my diet lately too. I'd like to say I've been eating SUPER healthy, but I can only say that it's been so-so :/ Well, my core diet is always pretty healthy...but I have definitely been allowing myself to INDULGE big time ;) 

Symptoms: Huge belly, feeling uncomfortable, peeing a lot, Braxton Hicks, very active baby ;) and the overwhelming sensation of all my insides being squished out of place. 
Movement: Yeah! This baby is way more active than Ava was. And his movements also just feel a lot bigger and stronger than Ava's did. 
Labor signs: None yet. 

What I miss: Feeling graceful and comfortable in my body, wearing all my clothes and not getting out of breath so easily. 

What I'm loving: Feeling the baby move and the fact that we are getting really close to meeting him! One of my best friends just gave birth to a baby girl and I went to visit them before the baby was even 24 hours old. I was so honored to be invited into that sacred, intimate space and the tears just flowed. I pretty much always cry when in the presence of a newborn baby and mama! But, this was even more special because of how close this friend is to me and because I am so close to being in that space myself! It made me feel even more excited and ready for this to happen. This pregnancy has been challenging in many ways, and I have experienced a lot anxiety about having another baby...but something shifted after my dear friend had her baby, and I am feeling READY now. 
What I'm looking forward to: Having this baby :) And Woody and I are going on a Babymoon! Our dear friends are going to take Ava for TWO NIGHTS so Woody and I can have a little romantic get-away!!! :) 

Best moment this week: Well, we had a little baby shower last weekend and that was super fun! 

Now it's time for belly pics! ;)

28 weeks :)

 29 weeks :)

 Henna on my belly at 29 weeks :)

 31 weeks in Laguna Beach :) 

About 33 weeks at our baby shower with my sister-in-law <3

And a few special photos from a photo shoot with the always amazing, Jami Matlock <3

It's has taken me ALL day to do this blog post! I kept getting up and walking away and doing something else for a while and then coming back to it. Hopefully I will be able to squeeze in another update or two before the baby comes! :)