Monday, May 18, 2015

Pregnancy #2 Week 18 (Where's my glow?!)

I'm having a peaceful, quiet moment while Ava is with our awesome nanny friend so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to do another pregnancy update!!! :) 

What Fruit are you? Well,  I'm actually between weeks 17 and 18, so baby is currently the size of an orange. But, in a couple days baby will be the size of a dragon fruit. Haha, I think the whole fruit sizing thing is pretty silly though ;)

Due date:  October 21st 

How far along: 17 weeks and 5 days
Next appointment:  May 26th (Well, that's the next appt with our midwife, but I actually have a prenatal check up tomorrow. We are getting an ultrasound! Probably the only one we will get. We only had one ultrasound with Ava too.) 

Gender: BOY! Well, I don't know for sure but, that's what my intuition is strongly saying. I will be beyond surprised if it's a girl. We *may* find out tomorrow!!!! 

Total weight gain/loss: I think I have gained about 10 lbs so far, but I feel HUGE! My belly is growing so much faster this time. And I feel like I am just carrying  more weight all over my body. My arms, legs, BUTT and face all seem to be rounding out more. Not sure how I feel about it yet! It just seems to be happening so fast!! 

Exercise: Hmm...I have been a little inconsistent lately but, generally I make it to the gym 2-3 days a week to work out with one of my trainers. I also threw in a little barre workout at home last week, which felt AMAZING! Oh, I also did a prenatal yoga class the other week, which also felt amazing! I used to do a lot more yoga and barre workouts and really want to get back into those types of movement. Before I had Ava, I changed up my workouts so much and I feel like my body responded so well to the variety. When I was pregnant with Ava, I stopped going to the gym and lifting weights, and I mostly just did yoga, barre and walking. That felt really good for my body. So far, my gym workouts have still felt good, but I am lifting lighter weights and making lots of modifications. I'm just going to keep at it for as long as it feels good! And I want to try to do more of my own workouts at home, incorporating more yoga and barre into my life! 

Stretch marks: No new ones. And hopefully I won't get any! I have not been as diligent about applying the body butters this time as I was my last pregnancy :/

Swelling: Not really, unless the swelling of my belly, face and ass counts!!! Haha, I feel like I am getting so ROUND! 

Maternity clothes: Yes, yes yes. When I was pregnant with Ava, it seemed like I wore my regular clothes for a lot longer! Some of them I was even able to wear for my whole pregnancy! But, this time I have had to trade in my normal clothes for maternity wear a lot sooner. I have a lot of clothes I can still comfortably wear, but more and more often I find myself reaching for the maternity leggings and tops! 

Belly button: Totally popping out! Like I said, EVERYTHING is happening fast!

Sleep: Good. Not too much to say about it. I have a toddler that wakes up super early so, I almost always feel like I could sleep more! But, I feel like realistically I'm probably getting enough sleep. And luckily, whenever Ava wakes up in the middle of the night, Woody takes care of her so I can stay sleeping :) 

Food cravings: Not craving anything too intensely, but generally I have been enjoying smoothies, granola, salads (especially with crunchy romaine lettuce), tomatoes, cheesy things (especially cheesy puffs!), nut butters, chips and salsa, more meat than usual...and kinda anything salty! I've noticed I've even been salting my food more than usual. Just craving the extra salt, I guess! Oh, yeah...I guess I should fess up to this random craving too. It happened when I was pregnant with Ava and it has happened again! 
Animal style grilled cheese, baby!!! As I like to say, it's good to eat "bad" food sometimes! 

Here are a few of my other recent meals:
 Ava's lunch: peas, beets, cheese ravioli and toast. Plus a smoothie made with apple sauce, goat milk kefir, coconut water, avocado and spinach. For me: salad with massaged kale, romaine, basil, tomato, avocado and bacon :) 

 Beans and greens, scalloped sweet potatoes and tomatoes.

 Some leftovers: beans and greens and scalloped sweet potatoes. Plus scrambled eggs and tomatoes. And bacon :)

Coleslaw, salad made with kale, tomatoes, beans, corn, goat cheese and a honey, lime, cumin dressing. Plus chips. Just cuz...yum :)

Symptoms: Peeing a lot, super moody and hormonal, occasional headaches and just feeling kinda achy. Pelvic/sacrum pain, sore hips, etc. I feel like I didn't experience any soreness with Ava until I was pretty late into my pregnancy. This time, everything just feels different and harder! I am thinking about seeing a chiropractor, getting prenatal massage, maybe acupuncture and whatever else I can do to address the pain and uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy. I know doing more yoga will help too ;) 

Movement: I *think* I am just starting to feel the first little, magical flutters of movement! It's exciting! :) 

Labor signs: Nope!

What I miss: When I was pregnant with Ava, I felt so vibrant and happy and blissful. And I was able to still feel beautiful and sexy as I got bigger. But, this pregnancy? Not so much! I really want to feel happy and beautiful! And hey, where's my pregnancy glow?! I'm patiently waiting ;) 

What I'm loving: I don't why this one is hard for me to answer! :/ I think in general, I don't "love" being pregnant as much as I did when I was pregnant with Ava. But, it is getting better and better and I think I'm going to get more excited as my belly continues to grow and I start feeling more movement, etc. I have been talking to Ava about the baby in my belly and trying to help her understand. I'm going to get some special "big sister" books for her to read too :) 

What I'm looking forward to: Not exactly pregnancy related, but I am going to the Women's Herbal Symposium this weekend, which I am super excited about! Then the following weekend, we are celebrating Ava's 2nd birthday!!! Woah. Hard to believe she's 2!!! Then in June, Woody and I are going to the midwest to see our families and to attend Woody's sister's wedding :) Oh, and hello?!  Super excited to possibly find out the gender of our baby tomorrow!!! It almost feels like cheating ;) But, I'm stoked to be finding out this time since we didn't find out with Ava :) 

Best moment this week: Wellllllll, not too sure actually! This is also not pregnancy related but, we went to Santa Cruz over the weekend and I celebrated Woody's sister's bachelorette party with her and some of her closest friends. Her maid of honor is also pregnant and is due in about 4 weeks or so, and it was fun drinking a little bit of wine with her ;) You know what's classy? Pregnant chicks who drink wine! Hehe ;) 

As I'm finishing up this post, the quiet time has passed and now I need to go attend to my toddler's needs. Dinner, bath and bed time!