Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIAW (Too much wine!)

Hello! How's it going? Are you ready for another fun and exciting WIAW!? 
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The theme for this month is falling into good habits. So, don't do what I did yesterday and drink an excessive amount of wine and be all hungover for a whole day! Ok? Ok good. :) 

Before there was wine, there was breakfast. At least I started out the day in a healthy way!

Chocolate Cherry Pecan Smoothie

1/2 cup water
1/2 of a frozen banana
1/2 cup frozen cherries
small handful of pecans
1 and 1/2 Tbs raw cocoa powder
1 Tbs vita-mineral greens
1 tsp vanilla extract

Blend it all up and enjoy! 

Throughout the morning I sipped on lots of water, some espresso and some nettle/dandelion/cleaver/burdock tea.

For lunch Woody picked us up some sandwiches from Whole Foods. 

I had a very veggie-rific sandwich on gluten-free bread with a side of sweet potato chips. 

And for dessert we ate some homemade cookies! I will have to share this recipe soon. It's pretty much my favorite cookie recipe :)

Woody's dad was just here visiting for a few days, so yesterday we took him out to this AMAZING spot out at the coast to check out these incredible rock formations. 

I couldn't help but strike a pose :)

I'm lovingly rocking my *NEW* Purusha yoga leggings made by my amazing, sweet, talented friend Hayley. Check out her blog and her Etsy shop. She's so awesome and makes the BEST yoga clothes! 

While we were there we each had a beer :) 

I, of course, had a gluten-free beer :)

Oh man, now I know why I'm so hungover. I started with a beer and then drank all that wine! Falling into good habits? Ummm....I'll do better next time! ;) 

After we finished our beers we did a little more exploring. This place is so cool and trippy. It's like being on another planet!

(I just gotta take a moment and give props to Woody. He took a lot of the sweet ass photos.)

Anyway, all that exploring and climbing over rocks worked up an appetite, so we decided to go out for dinner.

And that's where the trouble wine began!

At least I ate plenty of healthy food! And maybe just a little bit of "unhealthy" food as well. Sometimes I just can't say no to french fries ;)

Especially spicy harissa fries! So damn good :) 

We also got some oysters which I recently decided I like! They are quite an experience. 

Woody and I also split a butter lettuce salad with roasted beets.

And for my entree, I had the grilled salmon with spinach, mushrooms and summer squash.

Lots. And lots. Of wine. 

I think it's perfectly ok to indulge every once in a while, but it's important to know your limits too! I'm well aware that I overdid it last night, but it was still an awesome day and a wonderful evening. Plus, it was kind of a special occasion since Woody's dad was here :)

Somehow I convinced Woody to open ANOTHER bottle of wine when we got home.

What was I thinking???

I remember sitting on the floor of the living room uploading photos onto my computer when things started to get a little...spinny. Woody says I got up, threw him an enthusiastic high five (?) and then disappeared for the rest of the night. Later on Woody dragged me out of bed and forced me to change out of my clothes, brush my teeth and wash my face.

Thanks baby :) 

And now today, I have accomplished nothing! Hangovers are the worst. And for some reason, they make me SO hungry. I haven't been able to stop eating all day! 

Please don't follow my example folks! You can do better. Participate in the theme of the month and fall into good habits!!! :-) 

I don't want to see another glass of wine for at least a day or two ;)