Friday, August 12, 2011

"One very memorable, debaucherous night!"

Hello, my friends! I'd like to take you on a journey with me.

So sit back, relax and enjoy this trip into, as my friend, Danielle described it:

One very memorable, debaucherous night! 

Gearing up, waiting for the show to begin!

Danielle said,"Woody, it's too early for you to look like that!" :)

Our fellow partners in crime, Barry and Danielle 

Sistahs <3

Bros :)

Phishies that Woody and I won earlier in the day playing arcade games :-)

Moon coming out to play :)


Love pouring forth from Danielle's eyes <3

I felt how I look. Well, not really. But kinda :-)

I love this man! But this photo would be so much more romantic without the beer in hand. Hi, I'm a lush!  I love you! ;-)

That's not confusing or anything. How do we get UP there? 

"Have you seen my big fat gypsy?"

Don't mess with these guys. Seriously. 

Playing HUGE jenga. No big deal. 


Ki and KT might be dancing here. I'm not sure. 

Yeah, we busted out spontaneous downward dogs and pushups in the casino in the middle of the night. No big deal.

Our next album cover ;)

I think I need to work on my form ;-)

Yep, circus parade. That was totally us all night.

At this point in the night, I feel like I was totally starting to look like that basketball face on the game behind me.

It was a long, outrageous night! It should be illegal to have that much fun.

Wait, it probably was ;) 

Thank you Tahoe! Thank you Phish! Thank you Woody for documenting our night with such incredible photos. Thank you friends for being there and being amazing! <3 
And thank YOU for reading my blog and accepting me and all my tomfooleries!
Soon, I will get back to posting more about food and recipes. But, for now I hope you are enjoying getting a glimpse into my summer.
Much love! <3