Sunday, July 24, 2011

You're always gonna be who you wanna be.

Hello my beautiful friends! How are you? I apologize for my absence the last few days. In a recent post I talked about how I would probably be fairly inconsistent with my posts this summer since I tend to participate in lots of activities and traveling during the summer. I'm sorry, but when the sun is shining I would way rather be outside frolicking and playing than sitting in front of the computer. But I really do feel like my readers (*YOU*) have become my friends. And when I don't talk to my friends for a while, I start to miss them! So, HI! 

Recently my wonderful, amazing, talented friend had an art show at the Guayaki Mate Bar. It was awesome! Especially because Woody and his friend had the honor of performing there. 

It was so beautiful. Woody and Paul make such amazing music together. It was a lovely evening! Good music, beautiful art, good company and pretty food!

Naturally I took pictures of the food. I just couldn't help myself! :-)

While at the show, one of my friend's little girl approached me and presented me with this drawing. 

I asked her to tell me about it and she said, "Well the ladders can take you some place. Any place you want to go. Like, some place magical, you know?" 
Then she pointed to the little figure in the triangle on the right side of the page, and she said, "And this know, you're always gonna be who you wanna be!" 


I felt like that was just the thing I needed to hear at that moment. And coming from a little girl with so much innocence and purity, it hit deeper and and seemed so much more profound than it would have been coming from an adult. 

I feel like it's easy for me to get this ideal image in my head of this perfect way of living and being. I forget sometimes that I am already so perfect just the way I am. And all that I'm seeking is already within me. I just need to actualize it. Learning to accept myself and rest peacefully within the beauty that I am is such a process and a struggle. It feels like I'm constantly forgetting...and then remembering. Well, as long as I can keep remembering, than I'm all good. :-) I'm always going to be who I want to be. It's just a matter of manifesting my intentions and being the best possible version of me I can be! And the same goes for all of you! You're always going to be who YOU want to be. And you better believe I'm going to be climbing those ladders to get to some place magical! You should too ;-) 

Another beautiful day I had recently was spent at the coast at this place called Secrets. It's a spot that Woody and his bros like to surf at. It's also a perfect place to sit and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

There's Woody paddling out. 

 I didn't surf with Woody. I just watched....and collected fragments of abalone shells :-)

Oh the joys and wonders of living! So much beauty to be found. :-)

I hope that you all are experiencing the joys and wonders of living and are finding beauty wherever you turn! 

Much love and blessings my dear friends! 

(Sorry I have no recipe this time. I have been cooking and baking lots...they're just mostly repeats. I'm sure I'll be back with something new in no time!)