Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thank you :-)

Hey friends :-) I feel bad that I have been inconsistent with writing new posts lately. To tell you the truth, I have kind of been in a funk the last few days. People always tell me that they find my blog positive and uplifting and that they are provided with a smile and inspiration when they read it. So, I really didn't want to write a post about how I was feeling funky. I'd rather keep the blog happy and upbeat. But, the fact is: I'm human. I'm not always happy and care-free. I just prefer my blog to reflect the positivity and joy that is present in my life! 

You know what I love about the universe? It seems to lift you up and deliver exactly what you need when you are in need of it. Even if it's something simple, like reading a blog that speaks to your heart and resonates with you.

Thank you, Evan, for this beautiful, inspiring post.
Thank you Leanne, for this reminder to be kind and loving to myself, to "stop, breathe, love myself, continue." :-)
Thank you, Megan, for reminding me that, hey, it's ok...
Thank you, Gillian, for inspiring me to jive more! 
Thank you, Michelle, for your wonderful Bliss Tips.

I love how inspiring the blogging community is and I'm so thankful to be a part of it. It is becoming an experience much more profound than I even imagined. There's so much more to it than taking pictures of food and talking about what you eat and what you do. Thank you to all the beautiful bloggers (AND readers!) that inspire me, encourage me, support me and love me! 

Today I'm going to focus on cultivating sunshine in my heart, since there is none to be found outside! It's supposed to be summer and we're getting SO much rain again. It's keeping everything beautiful and green but I tend to let the gloominess affect my mood and then I feel gloomy on the inside too. Today I am going to look for sunshine and light in other things and focus on feeling happy and in love, with life and myself. 

Question for bloggers: What do you do about blogging when you're feeling bummed? Do you post anyway and talk about your mood and what's going on in your heart and life? Do you write a post and pretend that everything is fine? Or do you not blog at all? 

Aside from blogging, what are some things that you do to make yourself feel better when you're feeling blue?