Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last day in Michigan Recap :-)

Hello my dear friends! I am home from Michigan and it feels SO good :-) The dogs were so happy to see us and the garden looks amazing! I will post some pics of it soon. 

Woody and I spent our last day in Michigan cruising around Ann Arbor exploring Woody's old stomping grounds. We pretty much walked around, ate food, drank coffee and beer, and hung out with a few of Woody's old friends. 

We began our day in Ann Arbor by sipping a cappuccino outside of a little cafe. 

After we were good and caffeinated, we strolled around town checking out little shops and lots of graffiti art.

Finally we made our way to a vegetarian restaurant called Seva, where we sipped on mimosas and ate brunch :-) 

After that, we did more walking around. 

Eventually we made our way to Ann Arbor Brewing Company to meet up with one of Woody's old friends for some beers, snacks, pictures and laughs :-)

 (Favorite pic of Woody EVER!)
 Matching mullets :-)

After this, we made our way to another pub called the Jolly Pumpkin. I heard the name the first time and quickly forgot it, so I ended up calling it the Lovely Pumpkin, which Woody thought was funny and so "me." He said, "In Alaina's world..." :-) 

After hanging out at the "Lovely" Pumpkin for a while, it was time for more food :-) So we went to this AMAZING Indian restaurant called Earthen Jar

Oh my goodness, this place was so delicious! It was buffet style and they had every kind of Indian dish you can imagine. 

Oh, and they were also equipped with this (which Woody thought was really funny.)

Pretty funny :-)

So, by this time it was about 100 degrees outside and incredibly humid. Walking around was starting to be NOT that fun anymore. We ended up just wanting to sit somewhere that was air conditioned. So, we went to another cafe and drank more coffee :-) 

We hung out in there until it finally started to cool off a little bit outside. Then we walked around a bit more and took a few more photos. 

We ended the day sitting on the porch of a new friend's house, sipping on beers, munching carrots and watermelon, talking about pie (and other things, but mostly pie) watching fire flies and even getting a little bit of a good ol' midwestern thunder storm.

What a perfect way to end a day.

Now, I'm back home with my doggies, anxious to get back to my regular workouts and healthy eats :-)
I'm beginning to realize the truth of how blogging is going to be for me this summer. I just got home and I am already preparing for our next trip. I'm going to be all over the place this summer and often times I'll be camping out with no internet which means no blogging. I hardly kept up with reading and commenting on blogs while I was in Michigan and I don't know how I'm going to do that and write regular posts while I'm traveling around all summer. There will definitely be weeks at a time where I'll be absent from the blog world. I just hope that the amazing friends and readers that I've gained will still be waiting for me when I return :-)

an incredible, heart warming experience. (I know I probably missed some people. There are way too many amazing bloggers out there to name!)

I will try to be out and about in the blog world as much as I can this summer but, there is also so much LIVING to be done. I'm going to spend tons of time outside camping, hiking, dancing at music festivals, living and loving life as much as I possibly can! 

I hope that you plan to do the same! :-) 

Love and light from my heart to yours <3