Friday, June 17, 2011

bLyssful Summer Must-Haves *Guest Post*

Hey sweet friends! Since I am currently in Michigan enjoying the beautiful midwest and hanging out with Woody and his sweet family, I arranged to have a couple friends do some guest posts for me while I'm gone. Today I have the beautiful, funny and talented Alyssa from Life of bLyss here to share her bLyssful Summer Must-Haves. Get ready for a super fun and summery post! Enjoy! :-)

Hiiii! I’m Alyssa from Life of bLyss where I blog about my post-college life in Virginia Beach. Check me out for lots of running, recipes, fun, and my hand-painted wine glasses. With a little side of sass.

So. It’s officially my favorite time of year.

It’s not just 2-gallon skinny margarita season; it’s BEACH season!

So, alongside my skinny beach margs (recipe to follow), I’m providing you with my summertime must-haves.

1.  With sun comes dry skin. Every single time I get out of the shower, I’ve lathered up in my same lotion of choice for years. Hawaiin Tropic After Sun Moisturizer in Lime Coolada. It’s to die for. Trrrust me.

2.  AND! With dry skin comes dry lips. Burts Bees never does me wrong, but he’s come out with a new gem, too.

Tinted lip balm! It’s chapstick. And it’s colored. Genius, right?

It is. You need some. I have the honeysuckle color (barely-there color) and it’s the

3.  A pair of great bright shades. Neon is back, guys. What, you haven’t heard?

For real. Go get a pair of Ray Ban knock-offs. I’m obsessed with mine.

And I like to throw them in the grass and lay beside them.

 4. A good, sturdy wristlet.

Isn’t it SO annoying when you go out and have to keep an eye on your purse?

I’ve ditched the purse, and in its place, I rock a little wristlet that can stay on my wrist as I eat, play, and dance. Trust me, you need to make the switch. It’ll change your life.

If I can air guitar with a beer and my wristlet, I think it’s safe to say I’m “winning.”

5.  Skin cancer is a big buzzword these days. Hawaiin Tropic Sunscreen comes back into play as my buddy in the sun to protect from the dangerous rays.

This stuff is awesome. I never burn, and I’m not a wet slimy noodle in the sand.

Rolling in the sand is much nicer when you’re not slimy.

Assuming you roll in the sand like I do (what... not everybody does that?).

6.  Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Candy. They’re the perfect summery, bright-colored collection for each color eye. I’m obsessed these shimmer strips (I may or may not have 6 of them now), and they’re worth every penny.

7.  Sally Hansen Nail Strips. UM, these are so. awesome. They take some time to apply, but there is no drying time, and they last a good week without majorly chipping. I’m a big fan, and after my first batch, I went back to Wal-mart to buy about 16 more.

Those dainty little fingers are clad in Sally strips. Oh yeah.

8.  A great low-cal margarita recipe. I promised this at the beginning, and I shall now deliver. I bartended for a short while last summer before I got a “real job” post-college,  and I learned some of the best skinny drink recipes ever.

Aaaand I’m never going back. ;)

So, for a fruity and sweet low-cal margarita, mix the following:

-grapefruit juice (fill a cup 2/3 full with this)

-lemon juice (just a splash)

-lime juice (two splashes)

-tequila of your choice (let’s be honest, I’m real cheap and go for well tequila)

-2 packets of splenda

If I’m feeling extra saucy (almost always), I also add a splash of triple sec or orange juice.

Once you have this, all other skinny margs are going to taste like doo-doo. Just you wait.

Oh, and you’re welcome for those precise measurements. Typical bartender, huh?

If I show you my dinosaur tattoo will you forgive me?

Don’t worry, it’s not real.

....or is it?

How fun! Thanks Alyssa! Now, I don't know about you, but I feel like heading to the beach with Alyssa to roll around in the sand and drink margaritas! :-) 

What are YOUR summer must-haves?

Some of mine include: coconut oil (natural sunscreen!), lots of water, and ;-), FRUIT, smoothies, festival tickets!, and tons of fresh greens/veggies. :-)

Well, my friends, I'm off to enjoy this beautiful sunny day! I hope you enjoy your day as well! Much love <3