Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A day at the river.

Hey precious loves, how are you today? I hope you are all well and feeling happy in your hearts! <3

Today I spent a glorious, hot, sunny day at the Russian River with some beautiful friends (and my dogs...who are also some beautiful friends!)

Woody, Django, Ki, Suki and Josh :-)

Woody and his mandolin.

The ladies :-) Suki, Kona, Me. 

Happy Kona Bear! :-) 

Woody and Ki making music. Django listening :-)

Hi Kona!

Woody and Django. So cute :-) 
Sleepy puppy. 

That's not cute or anything ;-) 
It was a beautiful, perfect day. Sunshine, water, friends, dogs, music, snacks, love! Good times :-) Everything was great except for some creepy snake energy going on. We were just chillin' when all I sudden I saw this big snake come out from under a rock and start heading towards our little zone. I was the only one who noticed it and calmly said, "Snake." No one seemed to hear me or notice. As the snake got closer to us I said, "Ummm, do you think that snake is sketchy?" Finally everyone turned to look. Woody grabbed both of the dogs collars and quickly pulled them away. He said the snake for sure looked poisonous so we all kind of inched away from it as it slithered away. Later on, I had to pee so I walked away from the crew and popped a squat behind a rock. Suddenly I felt this presence. I slowly turned my head to the left...and there was the snake! Like two feet away from me! And it was staring at me! I swear we made eye contact. I kinda freaked and ran. I don't know how close it was to biting me but I didn't stay long enough to find out. I always seem to read into things so I'm wondering what the snake energy was all about and if it was some sort of sign or something. It's just bizarre that I was the one who first noticed it and then there it was again while I was peacefully trying to pee! What does it mean?!

On a completely other note, here are some of my recent eats :-)

 Indian spiced scrambled eggs with onions, garlic and kale and two pieces of toasted Udi's gluten-free bread.
 Kale and sweet potatoes with Mama Pea's Mmmm Sauce
 Strawberry cheesecake French toast! (French toast sandwich made with Udi's bread, goat cheese and  strawberries. Topped with a drizzle of maple syrup.) Amazing combo!

 More muffins :-) I can't get enough muffins lately. Cinnamon Coconut Muffins. I'm not sure if I'll post the recipe or not. We'll see :-)

Smoothie in a bowl topped with cereal. This smoothie had just about everything you can think of in it! Banana, strawberries, blueberries, kale, coconut milk, peanut butter, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds, oats, cinnamon...I think that was it? It was really good! So filling and soul nourishing. 

Even though all I did was lounge in the sun by the river today, I'm exhausted! To be honest, I'm feeling a little under the weather :-( I've been feeling a bit crappy for a few days now. I'm not sure if I caught a bug or if I'm experiencing allergies. I'm just super sniffly and have such low energy. I hope I feel better soon. I'm taking good care of myself, don't worry ;-)

Well my loves, thanks for reading and for your support. Much love and many blessings to you! <3