Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hey precious loves! How are you today? I hope that you are appreciating your beautifulness today and loving your sacred self! 

Some of yesterday's beautifulness:

Yoga :)

Harvesting fresh greens from the garden :)

My lover ;)

Sweet beautiful Kona Bear (also known as: Monkey, Monkey Bear, Monkey Bone, Little Miss, etc.) 

Sweet beautiful Django (also known as Mister, Boy, Mister Boy, Django Boy, etc)
Look at that face! Trouble. 

More beautifulness:

Dear friends Tessa and Daniel coming over for dinner.

Showing them the garden.

 Beautiful Tessa with sweet, beautiful LIFE blossoming inside her :-)

Epic salad for dinner :)

Sweet lovers :-)

Woody cooking :-)

Salad, asparagus, brown rice couscous and garlicky mushrooms. 

Baking adventures with brown rice flour. Tricky tricky! I need to practice more. Everything tasted good but totally fell apart!

More beautifulness I'm feelin' right now :)



Yay! Festival season is right around the corner! I love live music and sunshine!

Life is just one big celebration of beautifulness!

What kind of beautifulness are you celebrating in your life right now?

With love and light in my heart, I thank you for reading, receiving my thoughts and words and for your support and inspiration! Much love! <3