Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pregnancy Update Week #32!

Hello loves! It's time for another fun pregnancy update :) I can't believe how fast my pregnancy is progressing and how close I am to the end! It's CRAZY! 

How far along? 32 weeks! Woah!

Baby's size: The size of a honeydew ;) (About 19 in, 4.5 lbs)

Total Weight Gain: The scale has been hovering around 137 for a few weeks, so that would be a total weight gain of 27 pounds so far. 

Stretch Marks: Nope. I've been rubbing on my Belly Butter every day :) Seems to be working!

Sleep: Sleep has been great lately. I have to get up and pee at least once or twice during the night but am able to fall right back asleep again. I have been sleeping comfortably too, with no back or hip pain. I have noticed that it's a little more challenging to roll over in the night though! And I have been having lots of weird/stressful dreams. They sometimes aren't even necessarily about stressful things, I just react to them strongly and end up waking up in a sweat. So weird. But, I still have been getting about 8-10 hours of sleep a night, so I'm really not complaining!

Best moment this week: Hmm...well, I had my baby shower a couple weeks ago! It was a beautiful, amazing, warm, sunny day. I was surrounded by so much love and friendship and I couldn't stop smiling all day. There was wonderful food, live music, games, crafts and more! Here are a few photos:

It was a really fun, beautiful day filled with so much love!

Miss anything? Like I said last time, sometimes I just miss feeling "normal." I am a bigger, heavier, more awkward and emotional version of myself with more limitations and discomforts than I'm used to! But, I have truly loved the whole experience of pregnancy so far. There are definitely some challenges, for sure, but I just have to stay present and breathe through it all...just trusting the process. Even though I'm uncomfortable sometimes, I am still in awe of the beauty and magic of pregnancy and feel blessed to be experiencing it! I'm growing a human inside me! It doesn't get any cooler than that ;)

Movement: Yes, lots! It never gets old. I could just lay down and watch/feel my baby moving around inside me all day. Even though there is lots of movement, it feels smooth and mellow. I think the baby is really cozy and comfortable in there :)

Food cravings: My appetite has been so weird lately. I'm aware that my stomach is being totally squished by my uterus right now and I think the lack of space in there is effecting my appetite. I just have not been feeling that hungry! I'm trying to eat super healthy and make sure I get all the nutrients I need, because I can't afford to fill up on junk food and empty calories right now. But, sometimes all I really want is cereal and peanut butter. And chocolate ;)

Anything making you queasy or sick? Yeah, a little bit. If I accidently eat a little more than my stomach can handle, then I feel a little funky. The other day I was super nauseous ALL day and was wondering if morning sickness was returning. But, it was just for that one maybe it was something I ate. I've noticed that aside from my recent lack of appetite, I'm having minor food aversions too (like I had in my first trimester.) Sometimes when I think of certain foods or smell them, I get super grossed out. For example, there is this salsa that Woody loves and I used to really like it too! But, now whenever he busts it out, the smell of onion and garlic is WAY too much for me and I can't hang.

Gender: Haha...I keep going back and forth! My first intuition was GIRL, all the way. I have flip flopped several times since then and now I really have no idea. It's not a girl or a boy to me right's just my baby :) Woody has felt sure that it's a boy since day one. So, he surprised the heck out of the me the other day when he suddenly said to me that he thinks we're having a girl now! We are getting pretty close to finding out ;)

Symptoms: Feeling HUGE and uncomfortable, braxton hicks contractions, peeing a lot, lack of appetite, pregnancy brain! (feeling so spacey and forgetful at times) uncontrollable smiling and waves of bliss, excitement ;)

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy for sure. But, also a little emotional.

Looking forward to: At this point, I am just looking forward to the birth of our baby. But I plan to enjoy every last minute of pregnancy!

These are from a photo shoot done at around 29 weeks :)

*Jami Matlock Photography* (Love her! She is awesome.)


And here are a few more recent photos from about 32 weeks :)

There was a lot of growth from week 29 to week 32! It's hard for me to imagine just how big I'm actually going to get!

Well, thank you for reading! I'm off to do a little prenatal workout now. Then I'm planning on having a lazy and relaxing Sunday afternoon :)

Lots of love, light and blessings <3