Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Please excuse me for a minute, my friends. I need to vent! So, as you may know from commenting on here, I have the intense debate comment form. I never actually go on the intense debate site because I just never really thought there was a reason to. Well, I went on there today and I discovered that I have a spam folder.  I then realized that I had over 30 messages in there! I was like, huh? Why would I have spam messages for my blog? Well, I checked it out and they were messages from my dear friends and readers from the last few weeks! Why the F@*# were they in my spam folder? I was feeling a little sad because I thought some of my best bloggie friends hadn't commented in weeks and I was starting to wonder why. It turns out all these comments were going to my spam folder. So my loves, if you recently commented and I didn't respond, that it probably why and I'm SO sorry. Ari and Emilia, for some reason ALL your comments to me for the last couple weeks were lost in my spam folder. I thought you had forgotten about me! GOSH! Well, now I know I need to be checking my spam folder from now on.

Has anyone else ever encountered something like this with Intense Debate? Is disqus better? Please give my your input!

Much love <3 Thank you for the comments that I didn't even know I had! :-)