Thursday, April 21, 2011


Good morning sweet loves!

I'm home. And it feel so good!

This is what I was greeted with upon walking in the door.

All these beautiful flowers came from our yard! Such beauty :-)

My last day in So Cal was as fun as could be. I spent the day on the beach with some of my best girlfriends.

After hanging out for a while, we hopped on bikes and skate boards and went for a cruise.

Since it was Tuesday it seemed fitting to hit up Taco Tuesday for some $1 tacos which were delicious and made me want to go home and make my own awesome tacos. I forgot to take pictures because they looked so good and disappeared in a matter of seconds!

After tacos, we hit up some drinks.

Well, it was actually just one very large drink. With lots of straws. :-)

When the epic drink was finally drained, we headed back over to the beach to watch the sunset.

The night ended at my friend's house with lots of beers, games and laughs that never seemed to end.

Wonderful times! But now I'm back at home and am excited to get back in my kitchen and out in the garden. Woody and I have lots to do today! We have some projects to work on out in the yard and some errands to run and doggies to play with!

I hope that you all are experiencing as much warmth and love in your heart as I am. The light in me honors the light in you <3 Have yourself a beautiful and amazing day.