Monday, April 18, 2011

Being on vacation sometimes means eating cupcakes and drinking beer :-)

Hi loves! What can I say? Today was another beautiful day! It was actually cloudy and a bit chilly for southern California, but I made the most of it and had an awesome day anyway!

Last night I went to Newport Beach to hang at a friend's house. It wasn't anything too exciting. Just a little chillin' and laughing and drinking some beers. I fell asleep on the couch last night and woke up feeling a little discombulated, like I always do when I don't sleep in my own bed. I was so happy that I had brought my yerba mate with me! I heated up some water for tea and felt much better afterwards.

Later on in the day, I went to Laguna Beach with some of my friends...and my favorite little person! Kai!

We went out to eat at a delicious little place called Zinc Cafe and Market. I ordered the Quiche which came with a salad and some lentil soup.

After we ate, we had to try to some of the delicious looking desserts! We got two tasty treats and shared them between the four of us. Well, five if you count Kai!

YUM! I don't know who enjoyed the treats or Kai!

Haha :-)

After feeling satisfied with our sweetness, we strolled around town for a while. After walking a little bit, we encountered Casey's Cupcakes which apparently are pretty famous!

We didn't buy any of them or anything. Yeah right. No way ;-)

For dinner we made a delicious taco salad. It was perfect :-)

The rest of the evening is going to include movies, cupcakes and beer :-)  I'm on vacation! I tend to get pretty relaxed about my habits when I'm out of town. I'm allowing myself to do as I please with no judgement. I haven't had a solid workout since I've been here, aside from walking and yoga but it's totally ok. I'm not about to beat myself up over it. I'm having a great time and I'll get back on track with my usual habits when I get home. Speaking of home, I miss Woody! And my doggies! I have been loving being down here but I'm also excited to get home and sleep in my own bed and get back in my own kitchen!

Happy Monday! I hope that you all are easing peacefully into a new week. May it be a good one!


Katie said...

i'm glad you're having fun, alaina!
oh goodness... baby kai is adorable!!
and those cupcakes.. don't even get me started haha :)

Jess Z said...

How long are you going to be in town? I'm coming over tomorrow night. I'd love to see you if you're around! I miss you :)

Megan said...

Kai is seriously the cutest. And cupcakes and beer sound fabulous! Everyone needs some relaxation and indulgence now and then! Hope you continue to enjoy :)

Ari@ThE DiVa DiSh said...

I used to go to Newport Beach as a teenager! That was THE beach we always went to and had bonfires! I love vacations, and I totally agree, YOu have to just enjoy the time your there with out worries! Have fun!

Andrea @ sweetpondering said...

Wow it looks like you had a perfect day! :) How did you get the taco shell to stay in the form of a bowl? That's always been a mystery to me! Have an amazing day!

Alainarosebud said...

My friend has these awesome little shells that you put the tortilla in. Then you bake it in the oven! It's awesome cuz it's much healthier than the fried version.

Jocelyn @PeaceLoveNutrition said...

How cute! I don't get to hang out with little kids enough! And those cupcakes look amazing! I'm such a sucker for all the different flavors-- I want to try them all!

Alaina Rose said...
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Healthful Pursuit said...

Very nice taco shell. I need to learn how to do that! Those cupcakes look unreal. I tried making your oat streusel muffins last night and finally NAILED it. Posting it tomorrow. zomg so good!!

Alaina Rose said...

Holla! I can't wait to check it out! Yay :-)

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