Friday, April 1, 2011

This, that and the other thing.

Hi! I wasn't planning on writing another post today but, whatdya know? Here I am again. I think I'm a little bored and lonely cuz that cute boy that I live with has been gone all day. What can I say? I like that guy. It's cool when he's around :-) Usually around this time, we'd probably be goofing around the kitchen, making each other laugh, maybe making some food...maybe drinking a beer, maybe sitting on the couch talking about life or watching family guy, or maybe rolling around on the living room floor with the dogs. Anyway, since he's not here and we're not doing any of those things, I have some free time, so I thought I'd write a little bit and post some pictures :-)

You know how I totally looked like Tinkerbell yesterday? Well, my outfit was very faerie-like again today!

Anyone who knows me is probably thinking, you always dress like that! Haha. I guess I do probably dress like a faerie more often than not, which would explain why Woody inquired who "the faerie" was when we first met :-)

When I first met Woody, I was like, who's the guy with the glasses?

Just kidding! This was Woody totally cracking me up last night. These were 3-D glasses that he popped the lenses out of! Haha. That's why I love him.

Here's something else that was cracking me up last night.

Ummmm, Kona? Are you ok?

Here's the other dog (so he doesn't get jealous that Kona is getting more blog time than him!)

Little Django man! two boys :-)

My eats today were similar to yesterday's.


Oats with mashed banana, vanilla, cinnamon and peanut butter topped with chia and flax seeds, almond butter and one of my Aztec Mocha Muffins, which for the record are now cashed out. What will I make next?!?!??!

Lunch didn't get photographed cuz it wasn't pretty. I made a smoothie with A LOT of kale, banana, strawberries, coconut milk, water, ice, maca, cinnamon and Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Superfood powder (at least I think that's what it's called....that's a long name!) Anyway, I poured the smoothie in a bowl and topped it with a little cereal. To be honest, it wasn't anything to write home about. But I liked that it had A LOT of kale in it. I sort of have a love affair with Kale. I had more for dinner. Dinner was actually kind of a repeat of last night's dinner. I had some extra almond butter sauce and some left-over sweet potato, so I fried an egg and steamed some kale and basically did the same thing I did last night, minus the baked beans.


Okay! Well that pretty much sums up my day. There was also some yoga and a bunch of other random things, but the most important things were definitely the healthy eats, the yoga, the dogs and the SUNSHINE. I can't stop praising the sun! It has helped raise my spirits and made me feel so positive and alive!

I hope you all have a BE.YOU.TEA.FULL weekend! :-)

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Namaste gurl said...

YOu and me both- my obsession with kale is outrageous. Let's just say I'd have no problem getting through two heads of kale in one day. No, I would not. :) And they wonder where vegetarians get their calcium and iron.....

I need to try eggs, sweet potato and kale together!

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